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Arpeggiating Amsterdam’s roads

One of the first things you notice when visiting a new city in terms of sound are actually the most mundane – the way announcements in the airport sound, the sounds of the public transport system or in this case the sounds of a pedestrian crossing. The pedestrian crossings in Amsterdam click out a dolphin-like rhythm, constant for a while, then slowing as the signal comes back to red.

Cities and Memory at Amsterdam conference this week

We’re heading to Amsterdam this week to present at the international Heritage, Tourism and Hospitality 2015 conference. We’ll be giving a presentation on sonic heritage, with the title ‘Cities and sound: Are cities losing their sonic heritage?’ on Friday 27 November.

The ten best sounds of August 2014

Summer’s over, guys – we’re heading into autumn. Here’s a look back at the best sounds from the end of the summer. They come from as far afield as Brisbane, San Francisco, Florence and London, and feature nine different sound artists and recordists. Explore the

Going underground in Amsterdam

We’re pleased to add our seventeenth country to the Cities and Memory map today, with Robert van Riel’s submission from an underground parking garage in suburban Amsterdam, a recording that for some reason puts me in mind of an atmospheric scene from La Haine, despite not