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Dada Sounds

Cities and Memory: Dada Sounds

Dada Sounds album is out today!

To complete our Dada Sounds project, you can download an album of highlights from the best submissions, covering everywhere from Washington DC and Mexico City to Belgrade and Venice.

Dada in the UK

Our Dada Sounds project comes back to the UK, with some highlights including a tribute to David Bowie, a vocal song inspired by seagulls and instructions on how to make your own Dada field recording.

Dada in the USA

There are many Dada sounds submitted from across the USA – here are just three of our favourites from Los Angeles, Washington DC and Colorado.

Dada Down Under: Australia

Dada sounds on the other side of the world today – Hobart, Avon Park and Melbourne, Australia. Here are three different applications of Dadaism including musique concrete, cutups and intonarumori machines.

Dada sounds in Paris

Dada sounds goes to Paris today, treading the streets of Rue Tristan Tzara and Rue Marcel Duchamp and transforming the city’s sounds into something inspired by Dadaism.