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Dada Sounds

Dutch Dada sounds

Our Dada sounds go to Amsterdam today, with reimagined sounds from Schiphol airport and from the Westerkerk church.

Dada hits Norway

Dada hits Norway today, as we hear a granulated tram in Oslo, and Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness inspires a new piece from Bergen.

Dada in Italia – Venice and Sardinia

Our next stop on our Dada tour of the world is in Italy, where we hear three sounds from Venice and one from Sardinia, with treatments including the insertion of dead languages and Hugo Balls’ sound poetry.

Cities and Memory: Dada Sounds

Dada Sounds launches today!

With today marking the 100th anniversary of the opening of the Cabaret Voltaire, and thus the beginning of Dadaism, we’re delighted to launch our latest project, Dada Sounds. It sees artists applying Dadaist techniques to field recordings from real locations to create a reimagined, Dada-influenced sound world.