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Everyday utopias – Copenhagen, Denmark

Our next highlighted sound comes from Copenhagen, Denmark, where we tune in a field recording of the yearly test of the citywide emergency siren system reserved for major emergencies, times of war etc. In 2020, it came in the midst of the Covid-19 lockdown – which

Welcome to Abundancia

We kick off our tour of some of sounds from our Well-Being Cities project in Lima, Peru, with this field recording of ambience recorded in a garden in a house (Inca Repac). When considering well-being in cities, it’s important not just to head to the

shortwave radio

The end of radio

The world of shortwave radio listening often captures the final moments of a radio station somewhere in the world making its last announcement before closing down forever, and our Shortwave Transmissions project captures the melancholy of several final broadcasts, three of which we break down

We talk about the weather

Where there are radio broadcasts, there are radio presenters talking about the weather. We present four selections from the Shortwave Transmissions project in which weather reports are reimagined in all manner of different and extraordinary ways. Settle back and listen to our reimagined weather forecasts.

Tuning in to number stations

Number stations are one of the great radio mysteries – shortwave radio stations broadcasting apparently-random sequences of numbers being read aloud (by a human or a synthesised voice). Their purpose is not confirmed, but widespread theories include undercover broadcasts from government agencies and espionage –