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Vintage printing presses – When I wasn’t present…

“I used the recording of the Heidlberg Platen T as the percussive backbone of the music. I cut the field recording into sections and spliced parts together, breaking the rhythm of the machine by leaving an odd timed pause before the clunk of the arm coming to rest on the final beat of the bar.”

Cities and Memory: Oblique Strategies launches today!

Today, 63 sound artists and musicians from across the world reimagine the sounds of the world, using Eno and Schmidt’s Oblique Strategies cards as inspiration, as we launch Cities and Memory: Oblique Strategies. The project is housed at,and features: 58 locations over 19 countries, from

Coming soon – Cities and Memory: Oblique Strategies!

More than 100 sound artists applied to take part in our Oblique Strategies project, which finally launches on Friday 10 April here on the site. Each artist selected a source field recording to reimagine, and was then allocated two of Eno & Schmidt’s Oblique Strategy cards,