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The Next Station

The Next Station album – out now

We’re proud to launch the album version of The Next Station project today. It features a selection of fourteen tracks from the project that flow together into an album that takes in skittering electronica, pounding beats, sweeping strings, ambient drones and vocal cutups. It’s FREE

On the Waterloo and City Line

The Waterloo and City Line is an unusual one – a line with only two stations, connecting the city hubs of Waterloo and Bank stations. Three sound artists tackled this most distinctive of underground lines.

Power Gateway (Tower Gateway)

Tower Gateway, central London – and the sound of exiting a station while the Oyster travel card fails repeatedly to scan on the way out. From such humble origins, two great reimagined pieces. City version: We begin with Nazar Ali Khan’s ‘Power Gateway’: “The vibrancy

Oxford Circus in sound

We’re heading to another central destination on the Underground today – Oxford Circus, one of the busiest destinations in London. Tourists, buskers, music, football fans and vast crowds of people in one of the most famous places in the city.

King’s Cross bagpipes

King’s Cross: one of the busiest spots on the entire Underground. The sounds of a bagpipe busker reverberating in amongst the arriving trains have been transformed by our artists into a science fiction setting, and a staging for a Robert Burns poem.