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The Next Station

Blackfriars: spirit of the Underground

“I was inspired by the memory it invoked of the Underground when my father took me London and the first time I went on the underground in the 1970s. Being quite young and with a hyperactive imagination I conjured up a strange underground world which existed in the tunnels beneath the city with weird machines and fantastical beings.”

Underground textures at Regent’s Park

The picturesque Regent’s Park tube station is today’s destination, next to one of London’s most famous green spaces. Here we get the lift from the platforms up to the top, exit the station and hear an accordion busker entertaining passers-by.

We’re going to Wembley

The dynamic range of sound and energy at Wembley is electric and constant. Swirling through footsteps, departures, and announcements I looked to create a tangible movement behind all of the sound.”

Mind the gap at Embankment

“I was trying to evoke the impact the Underground had on my imagination during rare trips to London as a youngster with its soundtrack of distant subterranean rumbles and sudden unearthly screeches.”

The ghosts of Angel

“In this mix, sounds of the bustling contemporary underground station blend with static carrying traces of the ghosts of the First World War, from the excitement and good-byes of leaving for the front to the poison gas bombardment and carnage of trench warfare.”