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The Next Station

The future of Westminster

Westminster station reimagined by Jess Beechey: “‘Future’ imagines a dystopian fate for our politics, with fragmented speech becoming drowned out by the crescendo of aggressive drones, to an ominous and unknowing conclusion.”

Paddington Station: brass bands, bears and Brexit

“Both preceding and in the aftermath of Brexit, our newspapers, televisions and the internet were awash with material which would suggest that we are anything but tolerant and, so I made this work primarily in response to that and our methods of consuming this material.”

The Next Station… is Covent Garden

Even more than the iconic phrase ‘Mind the Gap’, what you’ll hear most often on the London Underground is the almost musical cadence of ‘The next station is…’, at almost every stop on every line. The music of this phrase is instantly recognisable if you’ve ever been in London, as are the famous, anonymous voices in which it is spoken.