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Rituals at the Erawan shrine, Bangkok

Today’s sound is from one of the world’s most fascinating cities – Bangkok, Thailand. Shaun Malone captured a field recording from the Erawan shrine, which has its own fascinating history, apparently built in 1956 on the advice of an astrologer, as part of the government-owned

Lèse–majesté in Bangkok’s Grand Palace

Grand Palace, Bangkok, Thailand – one of the most famous tourist destinations in East Asia, it’s a lavish, extravagant tribute to Thailand’s revered royal family. In this field recording by Mark Wilden, everything is pretty normal – the sounds of birdsong intermingle with the crowds

Sounds from East Asia’s great metropolis

“This reimagined version of Damrongrak Road in Thailand starts with guitar textures which increase and mix with the field recording. The swells of processed sounds were created by selecting specific noises from the original recording and transforming them into more abstract textures.”