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A visit to some Californian caves

We’re heading back to San Francisco today – the city has a thriving sound art scene, and the latest contribution from there comes via Stanislav Nikolov, who headed out to the secluded Sutro Baths caves on the coast to record some ambient sounds and improvised music.

Taking Pier 39 into a giant reverb chamber

This is an interesting one – the fascinating CloudChamber experiment makes use of the Reverberation Chamber at the National Physical Laboratory in London. At root, it’s an acoustic measurement facility in a specially-built chamber with a very long reverb time used by scientists – but the

What does improvising over field recordings sound like?

Well, this is an interesting one. Last week I collaborated with the excellent Oxford Improvisers, who performed live improvisations over some of the Cities and Memory field recordings – effectively operating a live, responsive real-time reimagining of the recordings based on what they heard. It

All aboard! Ferry now departing San Francisco Bay

  Off to sunny San Francisco today, for a field recording from SF native Rand Lo (whose excellent busker recording we remixed a while ago), who brings us this great, rhythmic recording of the clacking departure board sign at the Ferry Building. For the remix,

An LA story, told in sounds

Today we’re off to Los Angeles, courtesy of a submission from LA musician Nick Campbell, who has blended the sounds of the staircase in his office building with meditative chants from a nearby house to create a new sound and a new place from the