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Flat Holm Island

Flat Holm Island lighthouse

Palmerston Follies – a lighthouse experience

Next up in our Sound Photography rundown is this photograph taken on Flat Holm Island, in Cardiff Bay. The sun was setting to the west with a glorious golden evening light, while to the east the rapidly-changing weather was bringing in dark storm clouds. The

New sound: Pirates of the Bristol Channel

A nautically-themed Friday afternoon. On a recent visit to Flat Holm Island, I became very interested in the island’s history, dating back to the Bronze Age. But the most fascinating parts were around the island being a base for smugglers in the eighteenth century (mainly

Ships & aeroplanes in Cardiff Bay

Today we’re off to the tiny island of Flat Holm in the Bristol channel – the field recording was taken by me on a visit last year from the headland, with the sound of a ship passing and an aircraft flying overhead droning over the

Inside the lighthouse

Here are two sounds from a visit to Flat Holm Island with Listing Ships in October 2013. We were fortunate enough to be able to enter the lighthouse, since it was being serviced (it’s usually out of bounds and only accessible by visiting Trinity House staff)