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City sound guides

We believe that trips to amazing places shouldn’t just be about sightseeing, but also about “sound-hearing”, and that sound is hugely overlooked in the world of tourism.

This is our definitive guide to the sounds of cities around the world – the sounds to listen out for, and the sounds that will enrich your visit just as much as any of its visual landmarks. Happy listening!

Bremen, Germany
Florence, Italy
Hoi An, Vietnam
Malaga, Spain
Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina
Tirana, Albania
Chia, Sardinia
Hamburg, Germany
Kotor, Montenegro
New York, USA
Seoul, South Korea
Venice, Italy
Essaouira, Morocco
Hanoi, Vietnam
London, England
Rome, Italy
Seville, Spain
Yangon, Myanmar

Each of our sound guides is either written by a local who’s given their expert insight into the sounds that make their home city special, or a field recordist exploring that place in depth to find the sonic features that set it apart from everywhere else.

We’ll be adding to the city sound guide series as we write and receive more guides, so keep checking back for more places.

If you’d like to submit a city sound guide like this from wherever you live, or a place you’ve visited, we’d love to hear from you – please just get in touch.