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Sounds from the global Covid-19 lockdown #StayHomeSounds

With countless communities and countries around the world entering lockdown and social distancing to combat the Covid-19 pandemic, the world is at present a very different place.

We know that – along with sounds – everyone has their own story to tell.

We’re inviting anyone around the world to send us a sound recording from wherever YOU are, and tell us a little about how things are wherever you live. 

You can listen to the sounds and read the stories so far on the map below – click on a point to listen to the sound, and hit the “info” symbol to read the story behind it.

Your #StayHomeSounds stories

#StayHomeSounds has been open since March 2020, and is the largest collection of the sounds of the Covid-19 lockdowns in the world. 

Sound has been particularly fascinating during the pandemic, as with so much of our lives in lockdown, the world hasn’t sounded quite like this during our lifetimes – whether it’s something simple like less traffic, or how you can hear more birdsong and wildlife, through to how people are coming together through song and music.

We hope that through the project we can share a little bit of not just how it sounds as we all adjust to a new way of living, but how it feels at this unique moment.

Stay safe and well, everyone! ❤️

Submit your sounds here

Please submit your sounds and stories from the Covid-19 lockdown here – we’d love to know how it sounds wherever you are, and to share your accompanying stories as the whole world adjusts to the coronavirus pandemic. More than 500 people from almost 50 countries have shared their sounds so far.

You don’t have to record with specialist sound equipment – a quick mobile phone recording from your home is also great!

NB. Please DON’T go out specially to record sounds in other places for this project – a recording from your own safe home environment is just perfect! If you’ve been advised to stay home, please keep doing so. 

If you can’t use Google Forms, you can also email us a link to a WeTransfer, Dropbox, OneDrive or any other download link, along with the accompanying information.

Submit your sounds here

All the sounds and stories so far are also collected in the playlist below, and you can hear them as they come in by subscribing to our podcast.

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