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How are you funded?

We’re not! Cities and Memory is a labour of love, done in our spare time – we’re very grateful to everyone who’s contributed a field recording, a reimagined sound, or any comments and support.

Who runs Cities and Memory?

Cities and Memory is created, curated and developed by Stuart Fowkes, a sound artist and musician from Oxford, UK. From a background of ten years using field recordings to give context to musical composition, he launched Cities and Memory in early 2014. He is heavily

What’s the copyright on the sounds?

The sounds recorded and reimagined for Cities and Memory and presented on the sound map and on our Audioboom channel are licensed to the Cities and Memory project by individual contributors – every contributor retains the original copyright of their sound. The sounds may not

Who produced/created all the sounds on the site?

Unless otherwise stated, field recordings and memory versions were created and composed by Cities and Memory – every field recording and reimagined sound contributed by someone external is clearly and individually credited. You can find a full list of contributors here.

Who has contributed to Cities and Memory?

We’ve had more than 350 contributors so far – some have sent in field recordings and reimagined sounds especially for the project, others have adapted sound projects they’ve already been working on. Some have sent in field recordings on their own, and others have remixed sounds from