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Inferno - creating Dante's vision of Hell in sound

To mark the 700th anniversary of Dante’s death, more than 80 artists from all over the world have created the vision of Hell depicted in his masterpiece The Divine Comedy through sound – this is the Cities and Memory Inferno


Click on one of the markers to listen to the sonic versions of that zone of Hell – each zone has been imagined by at least two artists. Click on the “i” symbol to read more about each artist’s interpretation.

The project uses the ways in which Inferno inspired more than 80 artists all over the world to bring a sonic dimension to this incredible work – a companion soundtrack to and a collaborative vision of the journey through Dante’s Hell.

One of the most striking features about the Inferno is the frequent references to sound and noise, and this project brings this to life, using the sound design, sampling and composition techniques of 2021 to celebrate 700 years since the death of a writer who changed the face of literature forever.


Inferno - the movie soundtrack

Edited selections from the project have been used to create a brand new soundtrack for the 1911 silent movie L’Inferno, widely regarded as the first full-length Italian feature film. A finely-knit patchwork of pieces from the project are blended together to create a new way to enjoy this visionary film.

Our version of L’Inferno is available for screenings and presentations throughout 2021 – please contact us if this is of interest.

Inferno - the album

Highlights from the project are collected onto Inferno – the album, which is available as free/pay-what-you-like download, to take the sounds of Dante’s Hell with you wherever you go. 

Inferno contains contributions from the following artists: Francesco Ameglio, Heather Andrews, Andy Billington, Audio Obscura, Bassling, Alan Bleay, Bleep Eater, Bev Boyd, Patrick Bridge, Daryn Brown, Stuart Chapman, Matt Chapman Jones & Dai Bowe, Joseph Chaves, Clelia Ciardulli, Cities and Memory, Paul Collins, Coxidelic, Warren Daly, Jeff Dungfelder, John Downey, ElizaLauren, Elska,Nigel Firth, Marco Furlanetto, Richard Gadd, The Gaye Device, Flavien Gillie, Thomas Haighton, Alex Hawthorn, David Henckel, Chris Hill, Peter Hodgkinson, Joseph Hoffman, Kate Hornby, Giovanna Iorio, Janae Jean, Karhide Laura Lair, Łukasz Langa, Andy Lyon, Kenneth Lyons, Eva Q. Mansson, Cristina Marras, William McKenna, Midmight, Drew Mulholland, Dinah Mullen, Museleon, Philippe Neau, Peggy Nelson, Nemesis Trap, The New Cow, Jon Nicholls, Valerio Orlandini, Nikolas Parnell, Sherman and Field, Martha Palacio, Manja Ristic, John Roach, Graeme Rose, Rob Rowlands, Andy Skelton, William Soderberg, Duncan Speakman, Nick St. George, Vlad Suppish, Mark Taylor, John Tenney, Emmy Tither, Mike Tupling, Rafael Valencia, Thomas van den Eynde, Neil Verma,, Jase Warner, Richard Watts, David Webb, Whalthisney, Scott Wilson, Angela Winter, Millie Wissar, Simon Woods and Daniel Yap.