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A grim, rainy day in London

  One thing you can say for a grim, rainy day is that at least you might get some nice rain sounds out of it. At this point I was sheltering beneath the canopy of a trendy-looking hairdresser’s shop, listening to the rain pounding down

Song of the Brixton preacher

  You see – or, more appropriately, hear – street preachers in many cities, but this one was particularly vehement, calling people out for spending money and taking pride in their appearance and so forth. Every so often you can hear the people she was

Field recording – just like photography?

I’m a big fan of Camera Lucida by Roland Barthes – one of the most enlightening books on photography I’ve had the pleasure of reading. I’m not the first person to draw attention to similarities between field recording and photography (see for example Des Coulam’s

field recording tips

Ten top simple field recording tips

We’ve had a few emails from people who’d love to get involved with the project but haven’t tried field recording before or don’t know how to approach it. While it’s not exactly rocket science to get a serviceable sound recording even with a mobile phone,