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Music for Sleep is a worldwide collaboration between artists and field recordists to create a unique collection of compositions specially designed for rest, sleep and tranquillity. There are more than 280 compositions and recordings covering 41 countries in an incredible range of artistic styles. Each composition is a reimagined piece inspired by and including the original field recording as source material.

You can filter the sounds by country, category or artist below, navigate using the interactive sound map, or explore the central Music for Sleep composition – an hour-long edit of selections from the project chosen to help you sleep.



Three albums – all free/pay-what-you-like – accompany the project: a collection of highlight compositions, an album of long-form soundscapes, and a selection of some of the field recordings used in Music for Sleep.

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“Music for sleep”is an almost hour-length composition constructed from carefully-selected contributions to the project.

The piece contains excerpts from the following compositions:

1. Stirring by Keira Simmons
2. Warming ghost by Nicolo Scolieri
3. Adriatic moons by R. Seiliog
4. Watch your step as you exit the dream by Kit Monteith
5. Një endërr Gjipe (a dream of Gjipe) by Moray Newlands
6. Lullaby89 by Jenn Howd
7. Glacial exhale by Michael Reiley
8. Whispers of slumber by Firephly
9. Dreamscape 08.07.23 by Baying Ridges
10. The empty hours by Andy Cartwright
11. Oxford to eternity by the void inclusive


Our world is edging towards a sleep crisis, with everything from the cost of living and digital connection to climate change causing more and more of us to lose sleep – with potentially devastating consequences

While noise can be a major issue in preventing a good night’s sleep, sound can play a vital role in helping to restore our sleep balance, and can even help us to forget traumatic memories. Whether it’s noise of various colours from white to blue, movements like slow radio, music that aids relaxation or the sounds of nature, sound could be crucial to tackling the global sleep deficit. 

That’s where our latest global project comes in – Music for Sleep is a collaboration between artists and field recordists to create a worldwide, wide-ranging collection of precious compositions specifically designed to induce, aid and boost sleep.