Sound Category
Apple iBook Duo 230 Technology
Monpti typewriter Typewriters
Olivetti Dora typewriter Typewriters
Winding up a pocket watch Technology
Elliott 903 (boot sequence and tape spool) Military
The grinder's whistle Culture
Triumph 1214 P calculating machine School equipment
Philips Type HM3210 coffee grinder Kitchen equipment
Super 8 Camera, Bolex Paillard H8 Cameras
BBC Type TS 2000 fan heater Domestic appliances
Intercom system Communication
Medium Format Camera - Agfa Billy Cameras
Braun Mikron shaver Domestic appliances
Leica Pradovit P 150 slide projector School equipment
SVHS Camcorder Panasonic Movie Camera NV-S88 Home entertainment
Billingham On Tees, test of chemical factory sirens Workplace
Shepherd singing to his sheep, Dedinky, Slovakia Nature
Philips N2214 automatic cassette recorder Tapes
Island in time Cameras
"The Paul Winter Show", final broadcast, 1970 Culture
Zenit-E film wind and shutter click Cameras
Melting glacier ice Nature
Opel Astra F (handbrake) Transport
Opel Astra F (starting engine) Transport
Olivetti Divisumma 33 calculating machine School equipment
Unknown brand hand mixer Kitchen equipment
FeTAp 79 telephone Phones
Agfamatic 5008 Makro Pocket Cameras
Medium Format Camera - Purma Special (Beck Anastigma) Cameras
Sony CFS-W3045 radio cassette recorder Home entertainment
Kochs Adler Nähmaschinenwerke ABC typewriter Typewriters
Urania typewriter Typewriters
Philips VR 550 video recorder home entertainment
Recsi weighing scales kitchen equipment
Heath Robinson (sequence) Military
At the Malvern Autumn Show Transport
Modem dialup Communication
The Morse Code alphabet Communication
Film projector Home entertainment
Old elevator Workplace
Astro Wars Video games
Sony AV3400 Porta Pak, 1969 Home entertainment
Toilet flush Domestic appliances
Tascam 32 transport mechanism tape machine Tapes
Sony Walkman Tapes
Traditional tea making process Workplace
Steam train ride Transport
Helsinki Tram No6. Next stop: antiquity transport
GAF Viewmaster 3D viewer Home entertainment
Sanyo Serd Modell 71 electronic calculating machine School equipment
Krups Type 207 coffee grinder Kitchen equipment
Braun International 1200 hair dryer Domestic appliances
Lunch box kitchen equipment
35mm Camera - Lomo Action Sampler Cameras
35mm Camera - Voigtländer Vitessa 500S Cameras
Pinhole Camera Agfa Schulprämie Cameras
Braun Sixtant 1 shaver Domestic appliances
Old cash register Workplace
Bell & Howell Filmo Sportster cine camera (1930s) Home entertainment
Ice cream maker Kitchen equipment
Slide projector Home entertainment
Vintage music box Home entertainment
Vintage racing cars transport
Khmer music Culture
AEG Type KME 2 coffee grinder Kitchen equipment
Siemens Type MC 10 coffee grinder Kitchen equipment
EDI Siemens hair dryer Domestic appliances
Agfa Silette-F Cameras
Canon EOS 3000 N Cameras
Medium Format Camera - Weltaflex Cameras
Weltron Mod. 2004 radio cassette recorder Home entertainment
Braun Sixtant shaver Domestic appliances
Steam engine transmission belt Transport
Adler Gabriele 2000 typewriter Typewriters
Siemens TF 251 fan domestic appliances
Sony WM-EX 116 personal stereo Tapes
Nokia 8210 Phones
Bolex film camera Cameras
Vectrex startup and buzz Video games
The Cletrac Model F Crawler tractor at 100 years old Transport
Loss of the eastern hemlock from hemlock woolly adelgid infestation Nature
Mobile phone interference Phones
Turning on an old Nokia 5120 and dialing Phones
Lighting matches Domestic appliances
Tuning an analogue radio Communication
Steam train whistle Transport
1971 Triumph Tr6 engine Transport
Air raid siren test Military
Traditional Moroccan music Culture
Old cash register Workplace
Nokia 5120 ringtone Phones
Kitchen express pot Kitchen equipment
Old dial telephone Phones
Old sewing machine Domestic appliances
Game over - Street Fighter 2 Video games
Super Mario Bros Video games
Link's prayer Video games
Pac Man game start Video games
Aviary in an English pub garden Nature
Sony TC377 transport mechanism tape machine Tapes
Retired ferry PA sounds Transport
Broken microwave kitchen equipment
London Underground C stock Transport
The lost sound of the split flap departure board Transport
Kouta Lesson, three repetitions of Harusame Culture
Seagate hard disk boot-up Technology
Teletype ASR-33 Workplace
Model 20 Teletype machine Workplace
Studer A810 tape recorder, 1982 (EM recording) Tapes
Panasonic SV-3700 DAT deck, 1994 Tapes
Singer sewing machine No 66: serial number F5802266 Domestic appliances
BF-109 Military
Printing press machine Workplace
Bombe (full sequence) Military
Colossus start sequence Military
Sony WM-32 personal stereo Tapes
Nintendo NES game console Video games
Philips HA2728 fan domestic appliances
Braun Typ HL 70 fan domestic appliances
Olivetti Studio 44 typewriter Typewriters
Elektro Triumph-Adler Gabriele 100 Typ EL typewriter Typewriters
Stone Age drill Domestic appliances
Sony CFD-101 radio cassette recorder Home entertainment
Pinhole Camera Kodak Bullseye Six-20 Cameras
Instant Camera Polaroid Joycam Cameras
Instant Camera Polaroid i-zone Cameras
35mm - Adox Golf 1A Rapid Cameras
Miniset 111 telephone Phones
Milk can kitchen equipment
Light switch domestic appliances
AS fan heater Domestic appliances
Gloria hand mixer Kitchen equipment
Type 466 Krups hair dryer Domestic appliances
EDU III Siemens hair dryer Domestic appliances
Coffee grinder, unknown brand Kitchen equipment
Lehnartz coffee grinder Kitchen equipment
Krups Type 222 coffee grinder Kitchen equipment
AEG Type KME 4 coffee grinder Kitchen equipment
Click clack balls Home entertainment
Cassette tape Home entertainment
Summira 7 calculating machine School equipment
Olivetti Logos 40 calculating machine School equipment
Attendance recorder School equipment
GAF Viewmaster 3D viewer Home entertainment
Geiko singing performance, Kyoto, Japan Culture