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Prison Songs

Prison Songs recomposes and reimagines songs recorded at the Mississippi State Penitentiary during the 1950s. Covering work, love, privation and faith, these songs are some of the most extraordinary sonic historical documents. You can explore the project in full here.


Our Utopia project takes one of English literature’s most iconic works, and imagines what Thomas More’s Utopia might have sounded like – a new Utopia constructed from sound, using the famous woodcut map that illustrated the second edition of the book in 1518. You can explore the

The Next Station

The Next Station is the first ever sound map of the iconic London Underground, mapping its stations, trains and passengers in sound – and presenting an alternative, reimagined sound world beneath the streets of London. Field recordings were gathered and edited in collaboration with the

Sound Waves

As part of World Listening Day 2015 with the theme of ‘water’, we presented a collective reimagining of the role water plays in our everyday lives with the Sound Waves project. Around 40 sound artists shared their recomposed reflections of the sounds of rivers, seas,

Sacred Spaces

Sacred Spaces explores the crucial role sound plays in our religious and spiritual lives, documenting the real and reimagined sounds of churches, temples, prayer and other spiritual spaces from around the world. The UK part of the project was helped by a collaboration with the