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Quiet Street

As part of the Fringe Arts Bath Festival, we presented a installation mapping and reimagining the sounds of the city of Bath. Alongside the physical installation, the project also lives online and can be explored via a detailed sound map of Bath. You can explore

Oblique Strategies

Oblique Strategies saw dozens of sound artists using Eno and Schmidt’s legendary Oblique Strategies cards as inspiration and instruction to reimagine field recordings from around the world. Each artist chose a field recording, and was assigned two cards from the deck to guide a reimagined


A collaboration with Oxford Contemporary Music, in November 2015 we presented a five-location sound installation across the city of Oxford using solar-powered, sound-projecting sculptures called Memoryphones. The installations allowed citizens to explore the real and imagined sounds of the world inspired by their physical locations

Hamburg Sounds

A 2014 project documenting the sounds of the city of Hamburg and presenting them over a 24-hour period, symbolising a day in the sonic life of the city. You can explore the project in full here.


A Cities and Memory commission by Dreamland, the oldest surviving amusement park in the UK, which relaunched in June 2015, divided into four parts: Dreamland Welcomes You: an extended recomposed piece consisting of field recordings from Dreamland and newsreel clips from its illustrious past. A