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The Next Station

The Next Station is the first ever sound map of the iconic London Underground, mapping its stations, trains and passengers in sound – and presenting an alternative, reimagined sound world beneath the streets of London. Field recordings were gathered and edited in collaboration with the

Sound Waves

As part of World Listening Day 2015 with the theme of ‘water’, we presented a collective reimagining of the role water plays in our everyday lives with the Sound Waves project. Around 40 sound artists shared their recomposed reflections of the sounds of rivers, seas,

Sacred Spaces

Sacred Spaces explores the crucial role sound plays in our religious and spiritual lives, documenting the real and reimagined sounds of churches, temples, prayer and other spiritual spaces from around the world. The UK part of the project was helped by a collaboration with the

Quiet Street

As part of the Fringe Arts Bath Festival, we presented a installation mapping and reimagining the sounds of the city of Bath. Alongside the physical installation, the project also lives online and can be explored via a detailed sound map of Bath. You can explore

Oblique Strategies

Oblique Strategies saw dozens of sound artists using Eno and Schmidt’s legendary Oblique Strategies cards as inspiration and instruction to reimagine field recordings from around the world. Each artist chose a field recording, and was assigned two cards from the deck to guide a reimagined