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No sounds define the age we’re living in more clearly than protest sounds – and Protest and Politics is the world’s first global mapping of the sounds of protest and demonstration.

Explore the global sound map of protests

Explore different types of protest

Click on a marker listen to its sounds – click on the ‘information’ button while listening to a sound to read about how it was produced and the creative context and ideas behind it. Scroll through the different pages to hear different types of protest from Trump and Brexit to women’s rights and austerity.

Explore the project in full:

Background and context

Whether it’s people standing on either side of Donald Trump in the USA, Brexit in the UK, Marine Le Pen in France or any of thousands of local and national protests around the world, people are increasingly finding their voice and expressing themselves through sound.

These sounds, more than any other, are coming to define the age in which we’re living, and are uniting people, communities and entire countries around the world.

Protest and Politics is the first global mapping of the sounds of protest, demonstration and political activism.

Sourcing field recordings from our own archive as well as from dozens of field recordists around the world, we assembled a database of protest sounds over summer 2017, and opened this up to artists and musicians to recompose and reimagine, bringing to bear their own experiences and memories onto these sounds.

You can explore the documentary field recordings of protests, spend time in the alternative sound world created by their reimagined counterparts, or flip freely between the two as you choose.

Full playlist of sounds

Contributing artists

More than 100 sound designers, musicians and sound artists have contributed to the project, whether by reimagining a sound, providing a field recording from a protest, or both. Contributors come from all around the world – from Australia and the USA to Costa Rica and Brazil via Italy, France, Spain, the UK and many other countries.

There is more information about them on our contributors page, but here’s a full list.

Field recordings provided by:

  • Peter Annear
  • Stuart Bowditch
  • Cities and Memory
  • Ian Cook
  • Jack Corbett 
  • Des Coulam
  • Ryan Cross
  • Ben Gale
  • Chinowski Garachana
  • Benjamin Glas-Hochstettler
  • Alan Gleeson
  • Sara E. Herrera
  • H.I.J.O.S. Bahía Blanca 
  • Peter Hudston
  • Ian-John Hutchinson
  • Istanbul Is Ours
  • Sirpa Jokinen
  • Tim Kahn
  • Matthias Kispert
  • Petri Kuljuntausta
  • Nanny Roed Lauridsen
  • George Lessard
  • Philip Mantione
  • Michael McDermott
  • Tom Miller
  • Pedro Montesinos Blasco
  • Christian Motos
  • Michael Nardone
  • Kamen Nedev
  • Michael O’Connor
  • Pedro Oliveira
  • David Oppetit
  • Protyasha Pandey
  • Carlo Patrao
  • Georgia Pazarloglou 
  • Vanessa Valencia Ramos
  • Ian Rawes
  • Aaron Rosenblum
  • Carlos Santos
  • Lezak Shallat
  • Matthew Simonson
  • Keira Simmons
  • Jacek Smolicki
  • Rebecca Toop and Maria Năstase
  • Paul Tourle
  • Robert van Riel
  • Mark Wilden
  • Chris Wood
  • Walker Wooding
  • Tsan-Cheng Wu

Reimagined sounds produced by:

  • Eduardo Abrantes
  • Peter Annear
  • John Aulich
  • Sewon Chung Barrera
  • Lisa Bartolomei
  • Andy Billington
  • Alan Bleay
  • Drew Bluetree
  • Eric Boivin
  • Stuart Bowditch
  • Sue Bowerman
  • Melike Ceylan
  • Aimee Chapman
  • Cities and Memory
  • Joe Connolly
  • Stace Constantinou
  • David Cowlard
  • Ryan Cross
  • Ljuba de Angelis
  • Luba Diduch
  • Toni Dimitrov
  • Jeff Dungfelder
  • Jonah Elrod
  • Ashley Elsdon
  • Fabrizio Festa
  • Chinowski Garachana
  • Robert Gillespie
  • Patrick Glen
  • Manuel Guerrero
  • Astrid Hald
  • Ian Haygreen
  • Alex Hehir
  • David Henckel
  • Jonathan Higgins
  • Jeff Hinton
  • Clara Hollomey
  • Gary JC 
  • Janae Jean and Spencer Schluter  
  • Sirpa Jokinen
  • GX Jupitter-Larsen
  • James Kent
  • Laura Lair
  • Henry Lowengard
  • Blaz Lusin
  • Andy Lyon
  • Philip Mantione
  • Marco Maril
  • Andrey Markov
  • Tilla Martin
  • Isadora Martins
  • Stephanie Merchak
  • Odette Museleon
  • Philippe Neau
  • Steffi Neuhuber
  • Oliver Owen
  • Rodrigo Ramos
  • Aaron Rosenblum
  • Jess Rowland
  • Kim Rueger
  • Randall Saenz
  • Dave Santorum
  • Sequencial
  • Lezak Shallat
  • Nick St. George
  • Mark Taylor
  • Michael Trommer
  • Reginald van der Dulle
  • Paul Verschooten
  • Tim Waterfield
  • Richard Watts
  • Dave Webb
  • Simon Woods
  • Yol