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Quiet Street presents the sounds of the city of Bath as they have never been heard before. The audience are invited to explore the sounds of Bath, and to reimagine and see those sounds from every possible angle.

Quiet Street sound map

It was a physical and digital installation forming part of the Fringe Arts Festival in Bath, England, running from 22 May to 7 June 2015.

The physical installation presents two sides of sonic memory – first, the documentary field recording of a location in Bath, and second the reimagined, or ‘memory’ version of the sound. The audience can navigate between two sonic ‘versions’ of Bath simultaneously on different sides of the space. One side broadcasts the ‘city’ sound from a location, the other the matching ‘memory’ sound, a remix or reinterpretation of the field recording, time-synced so that the sets of sounds shift in and out of one another in unison. The listener chooses – by his or her own physical proximity – to experience freely the two sound worlds.

The sound map allows you to explore the two parallel sound worlds using the map above.

Quiet Street sounds

All of the Quiet Street field recordings and reimagined sounds are all available to stream in the playlist below.

Quiet Street album

You can download a selection of the highlights from Quiet Street with this free digital album, released 22 May.

Quiet Street images

Some visual highlights from Quiet Street – promotional images, field recording locations and so on.

Recordings for Quiet Street were collected in Bath during March 2015, and were reimagined both by local sound artists and the global sound art community, with 19 artists taking part, making for an immersive, participatory sonic reconstruction of the city.

Quiet Street contributors

Quiet Street features field recordings and reimagined sounds by the following artists:

Mike Bingham, Eric Boivin, Lee Christian, Richard Fair, Stuart Fowkes, Fiona Haines, Heiko Jay, Alex McHattie, Nimmi Naidoo, Stanislav Nikolov, Jason Pinches, Lee Riley, Robert Cole Rizzi, Chris Robinson, Nick St. George, Dan Tapper, Toby Wiltshire, Christina Wong, Walker Wooding.