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Shortwave Transmissions

Shortwave radio is one of the most fascinating sonic worlds – capturing vital moments in world history as well as the thrill of pirate radio, clandestine radio stations, secretive number stations and military and spy radio. All of humanity is truly out there to be listened to at the turn of a dial.

We’re delighted to have teamed up with The Shortwave Radio Archive to present 100 incredible recordings from the history of shortwave radio all over the world for artists to remix and reimagine.

Shortwave Transmissions is our latest global project, and we’re calling for sound artists and musicians to get involved by reimagining shortwave radio recordings from across the world.

Want to take part? Hit the button below to email us and we’ll send you the application details.

There are some incredibly rich recordings to work with as source material – here is just a sample selection:

– Recordings from the mysterious “numbers stations” around the world

– Coverage of world-changing events such as 9/11, the invasion of Kuwait, Kennedy’s assassination, Tiananmen Square protests, the death of Fidel Castro and many more

– Rare international recordings from St. Helena, Nicaragua, Saudi Arabia, the Falkland Islands and Antarctica

– Recordings covering a huge period of time from 1934 through to the present day

– Space travel documented, including the Sputnik, Apollo and Challenger missions

– Recordings of famous voices such as Winston Churchill and King George V

– Station IDs, interval signals and final broadcasts from radio stations

Compositions will be presented in the Shortwave Transmissions project in late November and to thousands of listeners across the Cities and Memory podcast, and a selection of compositions will be chosen for an accompanying album release.