Title Country Category Year
Leap second Canada Time 2015 North America 2010s
UNID Spy Numbers Station Unknown Numbers stations 1993 Unknown 1990s
Radio Moscow - German/Soviet Treaty Russia World events & politics 1970 Europe 1970s
Radio contact between W2PVF and KC4AAC of Palmer Station, Antarctica Antarctica Conversations 1974 Antarctica 1970s
Alfons and the Magic Christmas Tree Unknown Festive season 1974 Unknown 1970s
The Russian invasion of Afghanistan Afghanistan World events & politics 1980 Asia 1980s
Voice of Vietnam interval signal Vietnam IDs and intervals 2021 Asia 2020s
Gulf Harbour Radio New Zealand Weather 2016 Oceania 2010s
Voice of Saudi Arabia, test transmission Saudi Arabia Test transmissions 1970 Middle East 1970s
Radio Baghdad: September 26, 1990 Iraq World events & politics 1990 Middle East 1990s
CHU Canada (Time Station): July 1993 Canada Time 1993 North America 1990s
Space Shuttle Challenger disaster UK Space travel 1986 Europe 1980s
Radiotelevisione Italiana (RAI) final shortwave broadcast Italy Radio history 2007 Europe 2000s
Sputnik 1 as heard via WTCN-AM USA Space travel 1959 North America 1950s
Radio Atlantico del Sur (Falklands War British MOD Station) Argentina Conflict & military 1982 Latin America 1980s
Voice of Peace from Baghdad Iraq Propaganda 1990 Middle East 1990s
Elections in East Germany Germany World events & politics 1990 Europe 1990s
Missile attack on Israel Israel Conflict & military 1991 Middle East 1990s
Radio Pyongyang North Korea Propaganda 1999 Asia 1990s
The millennium UK Festive season 1999 Europe 1990s
Nelson Mandela arrives in Libya Libya World events & politics 1997 Africa 1990s
The Voice of Free Sahara Unknown Broadcasts 2002 Unknown 2000s
Transworld Radio, Polish language edition Poland Religion 2014 Europe 2010s
B-B-B-E UK IDs and intervals 1980 Europe 1980s
Death of Mao Zedong China World events & politics 1976 Asia 1970s
Radio Tawantinsuyo, 1970 Peru IDs and intervals 1970 Latin America 1970s
BBC World Service ident UK IDs and intervals 1980 Europe 1980s
All India Radio India IDs and intervals 1990 Asia 1990s
Radio Afghanistan station ID, 1970 Afghanistan IDs and intervals 1970 Asia 1970s
Radio Afghanistan station ID, 1976 Afghanistan IDs and intervals 1976 Asia 1970s
Radio Kuwait (start of Iraqi invasion): August 2, 1990 Kuwait Conflict & military 1990 Middle East 1990s
Mother of battles Iraq Conflict & military 1991 Middle East 1990s
Nixon's resignation Australia World events & politics 1974 Oceania 1970s
Radio contact between W2PVF and Antarctic Station LU1ZE Argentina Conversations 1974 Latin America 1970s
Happy Christmas from the Netherlands Netherlands Festive season 1956 Europe 1950s
Voice of America (Apollo 8), 1968 USA Space travel 1968 North America 1960s
Vatican Radio (Portuguese Language Service) Vatican City Religion 2021 Europe 2020s
ZD8VR Volcano Radio, 1979 Ascension Island Broadcasts 1979 Islands 1970s
Kol Israel: September 12, 2001 Israel History 2001 Middle East 2000s
BBC World Service: September 12, 2001 UK History 2001 Europe 2000s
HF Aviation Traffic (Spirit Airlines 558) USA Conversations 2021 North America 2020s
Russian numbers station Russia Numbers stations 2021 Europe 2020s
Voyager 1 (90 deg. bank angle), 1986 USA Space travel 1986 North America 1980s
American Forces Antarctic Network (AFAN) McMurdo Antarctica Entertainment 1980s Antarctica 1980s
BBC World Service's broadcast to the British Antarctic Survey Antarctica Festive season 2013 Antarctica 2010s
Voice of Iran: December 5, 1976 Iran World events & politics 1976 Middle East 1970s
The death of Fidel Castro Netherlands World events & politics 2016 Europe 2010s
Radio Havana Cuba (aircheck), 2017 Cuba Test transmissions 2017 Latin America 2010s
Radio Australia: Cyclone Tracy Australia Weather 1974 Oceania 1970s
The fall of Saigon South Africa World events & politics 1975 Africa 1970s
British troops land in the Falkland Islands Falkland Islands Conflict & military 1982 Islands 1980s
Voyager Experimental aircraft flight communications USA Space travel 1986 North America 1980s
Radio Beijing (Tiananmen protests) China World events & politics 1989 Asia 1980s
Romanian revolution Austria World events & politics 1990 Europe 1960s
20th anniversary of the nuclear bomb China Propaganda 1969 Asia 1960s
Radio South Africa (RSA) New Year's Eve broadcast South Africa Festive season 1977 Africa 1970s
Radio Moscow - Soyuz 26 Russia Space travel 1977 Europe 1970s
Palastinian hijackings in Jordan Jordan World events & politics 1970 Middle East 1970s
President Reagan assassination attempt USA World events & politics 1981 North America 1980s
Death of Pope Paul VI Vatican City Religion 1978 Europe 1970s
Voice of the Malayan Revolution Singapore Propaganda 1979 Asia 1970s
Radio Liberacion SRRN, 1988 Nicaragua Propaganda 1988 Latin America 1980s
Nicaraguan clandestine radio station Nicaragua Propaganda 1979 Latin America 1970s
Voice of Biafra, 1969 Nigeria Test transmissions 1969 Africa 1960s
US Coast Guard radio station NMC, 2003 USA Conflict & military 2003 North America 2000s
NIST Radio Station WWVH Unknown IDs and intervals 1980 Unknown 1980s
Nigerian Armed Forces Radio Nigeria Conflict & military 2015 Africa 2010s
USAF EAM Voice Transmission USA Conflict & military 2016 North America 2010s
Radio Reloj, 2015 Cuba Time 2015 Latin America 2010s
Telling the good news abroad Guatemala Religion 1995 Latin America 1990s
Inaugural shortwave broadcast of Wantok Radio Light Papua New Guinea Religion 2005 Islands 2000s
The World Cup final Ascension Island Entertainment 2014 Islands 2010s
Radio Australia Jazz Notes Australia Entertainment 2013 Oceania 2010s
Final sign off of BFBS Malta Malta Radio history 1979 Europe 1970s
Radio St. Helena, The final hour (sign-off) St. Helena Radio history 2012 Islands 2010s
Final broadcast, Radio Canada International Canada Radio history 2012 North America 2010s
King George V's Christmas message UK Festive season 1934 Europe 1930s
Radio Nederland's "What's New" Netherlands Entertainment 1976 Europe 1970s
Radio Polonia: martial law declaration Poland Conflict & military 1981 Europe 1980s
Shannon VOLMET, August 2021 Ireland Weather 2021 Europe 2020s
All India Radio (DRM), 2014 India Broadcasts 2014 Asia 2010s
The Disco Palace Unknown Entertainment 2014 Unknown 2010s
100 years of radio in Germany Germany Radio history 2020 Europe 2020s
Radio Slovakia Christmas special Slovakia Festive season 2020 Europe 2020s
Radio Nederland's 25th jubilee, 1972 Netherlands World events & politics 1972 Europe 1970s
Death of Emperor Hirohito Japan World events & politics 1989 Asia 1980s
The shortest-lived radio station Philippines Radio history 1975 Asia 1970s
WWV changes announcement format, 1971 USA Radio history 1971 North America 1970s
Spanish Sahara Western Sahara World events & politics 1973 Africa 1970s
Radio Japan Japan IDs and intervals 2014 Asia 2010s
Tibet People's Broadcasting Station Tibet IDs and intervals 2004 Asia 2000s
Learning English USA Broadcasts 2014 North America 2010s
Shortwave service Unknown Test transmissions 2016 Unknown 2010s
Radio Casablanca USA Entertainment 2012 North America 2010s
Channel Africa South Africa Broadcasts 2014 Africa 2010s
London calling in the Falkland Islands Falkland Islands Conflict & military 1982 Islands 1980s
Radio Moscow New Year's Eve show Russia Festive season 1980 Europe 1980s
Alfons and the Magic Christmas Tree Unknown festive season 1974 Unknown 1970s
National radio of Kampuchea Cambodia Broadcasts 2012 Asia 2010s
Warmongers' Monthly Russia Conflict & military 1987 Europe 1980s
Pope's Christmas message and Urbi et Orbi blessing, 2018 Vatican City Festive season 2018 Europe 2010s
Moscow mailbag Russia Broadcasts 1979 Europe 1970s
Radio Tahiti Tahiti Entertainment 2018 Islands 2010s
Bonsoir Africa Canada Broadcasts 1982 North America 1980s
Radio France International, 2014 France Broadcasts 2014 Europe 2010s
Radio Venezuela Venezuela Broadcasts 2004 Latin America 2000s
Spanish numbers station, 1966 Spain Numbers stations 1966 Europe 1960s
Radio Trans Mundial - final broadcast Brazil Radio history 2018 Latin America 2010s
Radio Havana Cuba Broadcasts 2016 Latin America 2010s
The English Man Unknown Numbers stations 2012 Unknown 2010s
Voice of Korea North Korea Broadcasts 2005 Asia 2000s
KCBS Pyongyang, 2016 North Korea Propaganda 2016 Asia 2010s
Bollettino del mare Italy Weather 1997 Europe 1990s
Radio Peking on Sino-Italian relations China World events & politics 1970 Asia 1970s
Soviet October Revolution parade, 1970 Russia Propaganda 1970 Europe 1970s
Indo-Pakistan war (1971) India Conflict & military 1971 Asia 1970s
Death of Yuri Andropov Russia World events & politics 1984 Europe 1980s
Japan-China Treaty, 1972 Japan World events & politics 1972 Asia 1970s
Speech by Fidel Castro Cuba World events & politics 1974 Latin America 1970s
Gorbachev overthrown Russia World events & politics 1991 Europe 1990s
The coup fails UK World events & politics 1991 Europe 1990s
The challenge to world peace China Propaganda 1963 Asia 1960s
The Polish Crisis 1981 Russia World events & politics 1981 Europe 1980s
China's first satellite China Space travel 1970 Asia 1970s
Hong Kong handover Hong Kong World events & politics 1997 Asia 1990s
The Czech crisis Russia World events & politics 1968 Europe 1960s
China invades Vietnam China World events & politics 1979 Asia 1970s