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Space is the Place

Space is the Place marks the 50th anniversary of the Moon landings with a unique collection of sounds spanning the history of space travel – all remixed and reimagined by artists around the world to ask “what does space sound like?”. Take a journey into the real and reimagined sounds of space:

Every original space sound recording has been reimagined by one of 80 artists, and the sounds are presented in pairs – the original recording and its recomposed counterpart. You can choose to listen to sounds only from particular categories, and you can hit “info” to find out more about both the source recording and what inspired the remixed version.

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List of contributors

The original field recordings are by NASA and the European Space Agency. The artists who have reimagined the sounds come from 21 countries all over the world – thank you to all of them:

Andrew Abend
Primitive Acoustics
Melaina Barnes
Lisa Rae Bartolomei
Baying Ridges
Andy Billington
Alan Bleay
Eric Boivin
AJ Born
Michelle Breslin / Lostworldsounds
Daryn Brown
Cities and Memory
Lee Clift
Paul Collins
Michael Competielle
Tim Coomb
Clutch Daisy
Raymond Delepierre
Toni Dimitrov
Ray Diode
Jeff Dungfelder
Roberta Fidora
Fu_k The Zeitgeist
Hearn Gadbois
Richard Gadd
Kate Gater
Andy Gillham / Echaskech
Standard Grey
Christian Groothuizen
Manuel Guerrero
Steven Hammer
Daniel Hoffmann
Adam Hulbert
Liminal Hymns
Giovanna Iorio
David Jackson
Sirpa Jokinen
Rob Knight
Alexander Köppel
Michael Lilley
Liana Luna
Andy Lyon
Anthony Lyons
Monteith McCollum
Coltrane McDowell
Meet on Titan
Stephanie Merchak
Gavin Morrow
Leon Muraglia
Philippe Neau
Keisuke Oki
John Ov3rblast
Chow Ow Wei
Ricardo Paraíso Silvestre
Jimmy Peggie
Timothy Popkin
David Prescott-Steed
Projects for Prepared Ear
Graeme Rose
Matt Rose
Katharina Schmidt
Sherman and Field
Keira Simmons
Nick St. George
Joel Stanner
John Tenney
Things Being Various
Katerina Tzedaki
Meg Walker
Richard Watts
Dominik Wefers
Scott Wilson
Millie Wissar
Simon Woods