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Tag: Cities & Memory

Song of the Brixton preacher

  You see – or, more appropriately, hear – street preachers in many cities, but this one was particularly vehement, calling people out for spending money and taking pride in their appearance and so forth. Every so often you can hear the people she was with, who were giving out

Squeaking shoes, shuffling feet and the reverence of tourists

The final sound from the brief Florence series. One of the original ideas that inspired Cities and Memory was the concept that you could create sounds of places that don’t exist or that couldn’t possibly exist, by layering different field recordings together to create an imaginary place – for instance,

Remixing the sounds of San Francisco Bay…

  A short sound clip from San Francisco – one of the tannoy announcements from a trip in San Francisco harbour, encouraging us all to be good citizens and recycle. So, as an obedient citizen, I’ve recycled the sound of the announcement. The remixed version is entirely composed of edited

Insects inside the baptistery…

The third sound from the Florentine mini-series comes from inside the Baptistery of St. John, in the famous Piazza del Duomo. My first recording inside this fascinating octagonal building was a pretty generic ‘I’m-inside-a-church’ field recording, all reverb, echo and reverential footsteps. But my later attempt came when I noticed