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Tag: Field recording

How to sound map a city, part two

Before my recent field recording trip to Hamburg, I wrote part one of this post, making assumptions about the process of sound mapping a city (read it again here), and decided to write once I got back on things I’d learned from the process, which can be divided into practical

How to sound map a city: part one

As mentioned in a previous post, I’m off to Hamburg next week for a few days to record the sounds of the city for the upcoming ‘day in the sonic life of Hamburg’ project – the aim is to record as many of the unique and interesting sounds that define

The top 5 things you need to make a great field recording

Following on from my previous post about field recording tips, which was a bit more on the technical side, I’ve been musing over what makes a good field recording from a more conceptual and subjective point of view, and have come to a few conclusions about what a good field

field recording tips

Ten top simple field recording tips

We’ve had a few emails from people who’d love to get involved with the project but haven’t tried field recording before or don’t know how to approach it. While it’s not exactly rocket science to get a serviceable sound recording even with a mobile phone, you can of course get