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Until We Travel

Until We Travel is the biggest ever showcase of the sounds of travel from all over the world.

From the roar of aircraft engines to the hubbub of a busy railway station, the project functions as both a record of how much the sounds of our world have changed in the past 12 months, and a celebration of a potential return to a world in which we’re able to travel to new places and visit and connect with loved ones once again.

Artists from all over the world have remixed and reimagined the sounds of travel, using their own experiences, memories and emotional responses to travelling (especially in the current times) as inspiration.

Explore the sounds in the player below – hit “info” to learn more about each piece, or filter sounds by category, or explore the world of travel on the sound map below.

Global sound map of travel

Until We Travel - the albums

Highlights from the project

Selected field recordings - a global journey