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Venezia 1600 – the sounds of La Serenissima

"Just as it looks like no other city, it sounds like no other city."

As Venice marks its 1,600th anniversary on 25 March 2021 with celebrations for the rest of the year, our Venezia 1600 project celebrates the incredible soundscapes of the most unique-sounding city on Earth.

Explore the real and reimagined sounds of Venice by artists from all over the world on the map below – and experience our “Sedimento” audiovisual composition based on a journey through La Serenissima.

Sedimento: a sonic study of Venice

Sedimento is a piece originally commissioned for the Audiograft Festival in 2020, taking listeners on an audiovisual journey across the city of Venice – find out more here.

Download the Sounds from Venice album

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Venice 1600