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The sounds of nature: reimagining Yellowstone

Yellowstone is a deep exploration of the world’s most famous national park. Its incredible sounds – from geysers to grizzly bears – have been reimagined by artists around the world to create a whole new sonic world.

Explore the sounds of Yellowstone:

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Download the Yellowstone album

A selection of highlights from the project available as an album on a free or pay-what-you-like basis - download it now:

Contributing artists

All field recordings are courtesy of the National Park Service, and can be found in their sound library.

The following artists have contributed reimagined sounds to the project:

Luis Antero
Lisa Rae Bartolomei
Baying Ridges
Andy Billington
Alan Bleay
Michelle Breslin
Isaac Bries
Daryn Brown
Lee Clift
Paul Collins
Morgan Davies
Toni Dimitrov
Jeff Dungfelder
Hans Glib
Kim V. Goldsmith
Joel Graham
Ian Haygreen
Giovanna Iorio
Nicholas Jourjine
Kathleen Judge

Gregory Kramer
Jay Kreimer
Andy Lyon
Alex McVittie
Stephanie Merchak
Anthony Miller
Leon Muraglia
Jimmy Peggie
Eric Powell
Chris Ray
Kim Rueger
Keira Simmons
Glenn Sogge
Nick St. George
Vlad Suppish
Jase Warner
Richard Watts
Simon Woods
John Wiggins
Christina Wong