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Camden Market – walking through a multicultural tourist flytrap


A quick wander through Camden Market after a work meeting, headphones on. The most striking feature is the number of different languages you can hear – more foreign languages than English. In fact, the sound world of Camden Market is probably the most pleasant part of the entire place. When you strip away the visual detritus of all the comedy T-shirts, legal highs and novelty goods, it’s actually a really interesting place to listen to. This 90-second walkthrough starts off with someone wanting to buy weed, moves through a couple of musical genres, and Italian conversation and ends with what sounds like a fairly heated interchange between two blokes.

There’s enough drama in this little excerpt alone, so for the remixed version I’ve created something of a woozy nightmare, like what it might be like to stuff yourself full of said legal highs and then wander round the market.



Field recording:

Remixed version: