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Media enquiries

Cities and Memory are available for media interviews, questions and comment on both the Cities and Memory project and a range of sound-related issues.

For press enquiries, please email stuart AT citiesandmemory DOT com.

Press coverage

A collection of articles, news and interviews featuring Cities and Memory:

Radio interviews: 

– All About Photo: Biggest ever global collaboration between photographers and sound artists launches

– AlphrCities and Memory lets you visit anywhere on Earth and listen to local sounds

– An Antidote to Indifference: Article on sound and memory by Cities and Memory in this Caught By The River publication.

– The Art Newspaper: New art project seeks to capture the sounds of migration

– Asahi Shimbun (Japan): Sounds that make your heart tremble

Article in An Antidote to Indifference, October 2015.
Article in An Antidote to Indifference, October 2015.

Athens News Agency (Greece): #StayHomeSounds – Αποτυπώνοντας τις αλλαγές των ήχων από την Covid-19

– The Atlantic: Mapping the sounds of the London Underground 

The Atlantic: What the internet sounds like

– The Atlantic CityLab: The sounds of protest are getting louder

– Atlas Obscura: Listen to the call to prayer in countries around the world

– Atlas Obscura: Mapping the sounds of political protest around the world

– Bandcamp Daily: The Best Field Recordings on Bandcamp: March 2023

Bangkok Post: Art of noise: UK project aims to save lost sounds

– BBC News: Audio project to capture the sounds of global migration

– BBC News: The Antarctic and Arctic sounds rarely heard before

BBC News coverage of Polar Sounds, 2023

BBC News: Rare polar sounds released to raise climate awareness

BBC Newsround: The Antarctic and Arctic sounds rarely heard before

– BBC Business Matters: Sounds of the snow playing guitar

– BBC Radio Oxford, Leicester, Nottingham, Scotland, Wales, Devon, Cambridge: Cities and Memory interview (listen above).

– BBC Radio 4 Today Programme: Sacred Spaces and Polar Sounds (listen above)

AFP News report on Obsolete Sounds, December 2022

BBC World Service: The sound of the London Underground

– BBC World Service: Sacred Spaces and Protest and Politics (listen above)

Bloomberg CityLab: How the Pandemic Changed the Urban Soundscape

Boing Boing: Explore a library of disappearing and extinct sounds at Obsolete Sounds

– Brilliant Maps: Listen to the World: Global Sound Map from Cities and Memory

The Wire magazine, July 2018
The Wire magazine, July 2018

– BR Klassik (German national radio): Die Stadt als Musik (‘the city as music’ – featuring Cities and Memory and our Hamburg recordings)

Canada Today: The Antarctic and Arctic sounds rarely heard before

– Caught By The River: Oblique Strategies project

– Caught By The River: Sacred spaces

CBC (Canadian national radio): Cities and Memory interview on CBC Spark (10 minutes, streaming audio)

CBC: What does a pandemic sound like? Artist maps audio from people’s daily lives

– A Closer Listen: The Chimes

Conde Nast Traveler (Spain): El mapa de los sonidos de las ciudades en tiempos del confinamiento

Corriere Della Sera (Italy): Coronavirus, un progetto racconta la metamorfosi sonora del nostro pianeta durante l’emergenza

– Corriere Della Sera (Italy): Il ghiaccio che canta e la foca spaziale: ecco i suoni «alieni» dei poli terrestri

– Crack Magazine: How Cities and Memory built a soundboard of global unrest

– Creative Field Recording: Remixing field recordings: Interview with Cities and Memory’s Stuart Fowkes

– Creative Field Recording: Listen to a sonic portrait of Hamburg, Germany

Daily Mail: Listen to the ‘alien’ sounds of Earth’s poles: Rarely heard Arctic and Antarctic noises including ‘singing’ ice and a seal that sounds like it is in space are revealed to the world

– Desert Star, Tucson: Collecting Sounds

– Designing Sound: Oblique Strategies

El Mundo (Spain): ¿A qué suenan las ciudades de todo el mundo durante el confinamiento?

– Electronic Beats: This map lets you listen to sacred spaces from around the world

– Electronic Sound magazine: two-page interview feature plus CD covermount album, July 2021

Electronic Sound magazine, July 2021

Elle Decor: Il suono della citta durante il lockdown e in una mappa interattiva da ascoltare e costruire insieme

– Elsewhere: A Journal of Place: See/Listen: Cities and Memory

– Elsewhere: A Journal of Place: Five-page Cities and Memory feature

– Euronews: Polar sound scape exhibition reveals rarely heard Arctic and Antarctic noises

– Euronews: Please press record: new project aims to capture sounds of migration and settlement

– Everyday Listening: Cities and Memory

Fast Company: This map shares the sounds of coronavirus lockdown around the world

– Sonic tourist and sound mapper ‘On Her Majesty’s Service’ (interview)

– Firstpost (India): The city and sound: What a global survey during the pandemic could tell us about our future soundscapes

– Fisheye Magazine: « Sound photography »: symphonie visuelle

Folha de Sao Paulo (Brazil): Artistas gravam sons das cidades que ficaram desertas por causa do coronavírus

Forbes: Is Coronavirus Reducing Noise Pollution?

– Framework Radio: Special episode about Cities and Memory

– France Musique (France): Recréer le son de l’Enfer : le projet infernal de 80 musiciens

– Gizmodo: Explore the London Underground in sound

Google Maps Mania: Imagined soundscapes of parallel worlds

– Google Maps Mania: The sound of global protest

– Google Maps Mania: Mapping your local soundscapes

#StayHomeSounds in The Guardian, 1 April 2020
#StayHomeSounds in The Guardian, 1 April 2020

– The Guardian: Subterranean sonic blues? A journey through the first ever London Underground sound map

– The Guardian: Collection of space sounds released to mark 50 years since the moon landings – video

The Guardian: Art project captures sound of cities during coronavirus outbreak

Harpers Bazaar (Italy): Come cambiano le città durante e dopo il Coronavirus

– Hyperallergic: Explore the world’s sounds through a map of field recordings and remixes

– Hyperallergic: A crowd-sourced map for the protests of our time

– IFL Science: This map lets you listen to the world without human noise

– Il Sole 24 Ore: Creare le collonne sonore da una fotografia

Sunday Times Cities and Memory
Sunday Times Travel interview, 23 June 2019

– The Island Review: Utopia of sound

– It’s Freezing in LA: The sounds of the climate emergency

Japan Today: Art of noise: UK project aims to save lost sounds

La Stampa (Italy): Coronavirus, che rumore fa un pandemia? Lo svela una mappa

Laughing Squid: A collection of obsolete and disappearing sounds

Le Figaro: À Londres, un collectionneur de sons entend enregistrer l’époque

– Liverpool Echo: Sounds of Albert Dock, Cavern Club and other Liverpool landmarks preserved and turned into music

– Londonist: What does your tube station sound like?

– Londonist: A map of protests across London with added sound

– Londonist: This man has turned Big Ben’s final bongs into a 17-minute track

– London Sound Survey: Guest post from Cities & Memory

– Marie Claire Italia: Le colonne della città

– Mashable: This audio project maps the sounds of protest around the world

– Mental Floss: Experience the stop-by-stop sounds of the London Underground

– Music Teacher: Tech reviews 2022

– National Post: From birdsong to cheers, sound map shows how coronavirus is changing cities

NBC News: Sounds of our time? People around the world share recordings during coronavirus lockdowns

New Scientist: Bird flu in mammals, the cause of sunquakes, and the entropy of consciousness – the latest news in science

– New Scientist: Polar Sounds podcast: Rare underwater noises from the Arctic and Antarctic

New York Times: The 19 Best Gifts for Frequent Travelers

– Noema Magazine: Dialing Back The Noise In The City Of Din

Ouest-France: Depuis le début de la pandémie, le bruit qu’émet le monde n’est plus le même, écoutez-le

The Paper (China): 专访|“城市与记忆”发起人:用声音记录疫情中的故事

Publico (Portugal): O que se ouve em quarentena? Projecto reúne os sons do silêncio na pandemia

– Quartz: Listen to the sounds that make up the Indian religiosphere

Article in Marie Claire Italia, May 2018
Article in Marie Claire Italia, May 2018

– The Quietus: Protest sound archive launches

– The Quietus: Listen: new sound recording project

– The Quietus: Sounds Of Space Collected On New Project

– Resonance FM: Special programme on our Prison Songs project

– Resonance FM: Five-hour special on our Protest and Politics project

Reuters: From birdsong to cheers, sound map shows how coronavirus is changing cities

– SecretLDN: Listen to the sound of the underground with this interactive Tube map The deafening sound of the internet

– Smithsonian Magazine: Listen to sounds of sacred spaces around the world

– Smithsonian Magazine: This is what global dissent sounds like

– Sonic Terrain: Cities & Memory

The Guardian feature, August 2016
The Guardian feature, August 2016

– Sounding Out: SO! Amplifies: Cities & Memory

– Stray Landings: Cities and Memory – Dada 100 Years On

– Stray Landings: Sacred Spaces podcast

– (Sweden): Obsolete Sounds – biblioteket för försvinnande och utrotade ljud

– Sunday Times: ST Travel Meets… city soundscape enthusiast Stuart Fowkes

– Time Out: Explore the sounds of London with this audio tube map

Time Out Bangkok: 8 podcast episodes about Thailand you should listen to

Today (Singapore): From birdsong to cheers, sound map shows how Covid-19 is changing cities

– Travel Weekly: Travel’s undervalued soundtrack

– The Verge: This beautiful project creates soundtracks for photographs

– The Verge: This map lets you hear what the world sounds like without humans

– The Verge: Check out this library of obsolete sounds, including plenty of clips of old tech

Vice Creators Project

– Vice Motherboard: Sound of the Underground: an audio Tube map of London

Washington Post: Even when you can’t travel, you can still bring the sounds of a far-off city to you

The Week (India): The sounds of silence

– The Wire: Sound map of the London Underground network launched

– The Wire: Mapping the sounds of protest

– The Wire: Cities And Memory mark 50 years since moon landings

– The Wire: Unofficial Channels: Polar Sounds feature

The Wire magazine, March 2023
The Wire magazine, March 2023

– Wired: This is the sound of global protest, from Trump to Brexit

– Wired Italia: L’artista che colleziona i suoni del nostro mondo

– Yahoo! News: Art of noise: UK project aims to save lost sounds

Yahoo! News: Polar sound scape exhibition reveals rarely heard Arctic and Antarctic noises

Yahoo! News: Audio project to capture the sounds of global migration