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Listening to the Lizard

I promised more from Cornwall, and here’s the next instalment – Lizard Point, the most southerly point in Britain. Land’s End gets more of the fame and credit, but it’s a hideous theme park by the sea, all gift shops and Brian Blessed-voiced novelty attraction. Lizard Point is just that – a point, with barely a ramshackle (but charming!) gift shop and then just wind and waves as far as you can see, with some stunning cliff walks too. Down to the right, there’s a lifeboat house dating back to the 1800s, and it was down there that I recorded some great crashing waves. It’s always remarkable how different waves sound in different places – so much character to be experienced, and it changes dramatically with the seasons and weather too (obviously). But the ones at Lizard were proper Atlantic rollers, breaking heavily and almost drenching me a couple of times in the process (see photo below).

For the remix, I’ve run the wave sample through a Korg MS-20’s filters, letting the Korg suck up the wave sounds, have a think about them and react in real time to the ebb and flow of the sample through its own filters. This is the resulting remix, which is more of an ‘automated’ mix since the synth just responded to how the sample played it, rather than vice versa.

City version:

Memory version:

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