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Taking Pier 39 into a giant reverb chamber

sealionsatpier39october20092This is an interesting one – the fascinating CloudChamber experiment makes use of the Reverberation Chamber at the National Physical Laboratory in London. At root, it’s an acoustic measurement facility in a specially-built chamber with a very long reverb time used by scientists – but the fun part is that out of office hours, the facility is opened up to the public to submit their own sounds, which they’ll then play into the reverb space, record, and send back to you to hear the results.

Taking their advice of submitting a recording containing short, crisp sounds with space between them, I selected a clip of the sealions on Pier 39 in San Francisco, which was then fed through the chamber and becomes the memory version you can hear below.

The full info about the project and the reverb space is well worth a read – head over here. It’s a fascinating and exciting project and I’d encourage you to send them your own sounds too!

City version:



Memory version: