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Techno car wash!

wash2One of the most mundane, Sunday morning kind of activities is putting your filthy car through a long-overdue car wash – but it’s a really interesting and immersive sonic experience, which comes quite literally in surround sound. It’s actually far more interesting to listen to than to experience, as there are rises and falls in noise and tension, water squirts, fans and jets, the sounds of brushes and machinery. I recorded this on my mobile phone in Oxford, not having my recording equipment on me, and passed it on to musician Alan Bleay in London to remix. And he’s come up trumps, making every single sound in what is effectively an entire electronica track out of the original sample – yes, including all of the drums. Quite extraordinary – have a listen and see if you can recognise how he’s made all of the sounds in this little beauty.

City version:


Memory version:


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