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A memory of the Venice Biennale

arsenale-di-veneziaThe Biennale is one of the events most readily associated with Venice (along with carnival), and it has its own unique sounds, as recorded here by regular contributor Jase Warner. This is a boat song performed on the water at the Arsenale to mark the Biennale.

The remix is a brand new ambient composition taking its lead from the brass melodies in the original: all sounds in the new composition have been created solely using the original field recording. It’s inspired by Stuart Dempster’s sonic experiments inside the 186-foot diameter cistern close to Seattle, with a natural 45-second reverb. It is intended to imagine transposing the Venice Biennale into an imaginary environment that brings new possibilities to its sounds.

This particular composition was included as part of our Sicilian friends VacuaMoenia’s album to mark this year’s World Listening Day earlier this month. The album is available to download for free and features some amazing field recordings from around the world, so grab a copy over here.

City version:


Memory version: