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What happens when you remix the sounds of your breakfast

We recommend the full English breakfast here.
We recommend the full English breakfast here.

Have you just eaten breakfast? The remix below is what breakfast time sounds like inside Tim Waterfield’s head – we wouldn’t like to get between him and his cereal!

The field recording is a lazy Saturday morning at the Sunshine Cafe on Stroud Green Road in London, with cups of tea and fry-ups being prepared: a pretty traditional British cafe sort of soundscape I recorded with, let’s be honest, quite a bad hangover.

The remixed version seems to recognise this and goes out all guns blazing, turning a breakfast cafe into a full-on techno track. My favourite part is the break in the middle when the music stops and the sound of a teaspoon on a teacup punctuates the mix as a percussion break – fantastic.

City version:


Memory version: