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When two people remix the same field recording

Remixes are like buses – you wait for ages and then two come along at once. I’d had a recording of Giotto’s campanile in Florence in the remixing bank for six months or so, and recently Amber-Zoe Cheesman submitted a remix of that sound. Now Oxford-based sound artist and previous Cities and Memory contributor Lee Riley has submitted a remix of the very same sound, so here it is.

It’s absolutely fascinating to hear two different people’s take on the same sound sample – the same thing that makes remix albums interesting. But where remix albums are not generally of interest to people other than the band and the most hardcore fans, I think different mixes of the same field recording sound source are potentially fascinating for everyone, and very revealing. To hear how two different people have experienced the same sound of the same place and chosen to add their creativity to it is a most compelling listen.

So here are the original recording, and both Amber-Zoe and Lee’s interpretations of it all together so you can hear all three:

City version:


Memory version – Amber-Zoe Cheesman:


Memory version – Lee Riley: