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Industrial music built from the sounds of Liverpool

stanleyWe’re off to Liverpool today, and a recent stay gave me the opportunity to record a few sounds around the city, the first of which was drilling and construction taking place as part of the ongoing regeneration of the Stanley Dock area. The hotel I was staying in had only been open for a week – an unusual experience to be the first person ever to stay in a given hotel room – and the rest of the dock area is in various stages of redevelopment.

The construction here was inside a huge brick building, which gives the field recording its own interesting reverb. For the remix, inspired by the percussive nature of the sounds and the early work of Einstuerzende Neubauten (of course!), I made a slice of electronic industrial music out of the sample. Every sound you hear here is derived from the original sample, and only the background drone has been treated in any way – all of the percussion sounds are simply straightforward, uneffected sounds and loops taken from the original source sound, unaltered.

City version:

Memory version: