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A lion, a tiger and a crocodile at a funfair

3903853479_1cf23fe728_oThe latest in our series of funfair remixes comes from Bristolian Mike Bingham. He takes as his source material our field recording of the ‘basketball game’ at St. Giles Fair, Oxford – a recording full of the stallholder’s banter about prizes to be won and exclamations like ‘cheer up mate, it’s only a game’.

Mike’s turned this into a beat-driven synth wigout, creating his own synth sounds designed from guitar harmonic samples and by layering software pedals over a Logic synth sound. We’re particularly keen on how the vocal samples are used rhythmically, which gives the whole thing the feel of an old Ninja Tune cut by someone like Hexstatic or Cabbageboy, with a vocal chorus of ‘a lion, a tiger and a crocodile’.

City version:

Memory version: