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Albert Dock, Liverpool – a memory

20140707_224141A sound today from Liverpool’s iconic Albert Dock, visited at 9.30pm in the evening. When the dock is quiet due to the lateness of the hour, you can clearly hear through a microphone that there’s a mid-range tone that plays out right across the dock, which is much harder to hear with the naked ear, and I imagine during the day is drowned out by traffic and boat noise. However, at night when you listen through headphones, a soft drone (I guess probably air conditioning-related) covers the whole dock area.

I wandered around the dock for an hour collecting sounds in different locations, capturing this drone from different angles and with other subsidiary sounds. For the remix, I’ve layered several field recordings from around the same area that bring this sound out, and layered two analogue synth lines underneath it to emphasise this and create a whole new sonic environment for the dock – how it sounded to me at the time.

City version:

Memory version: