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12 noon: All aboard the flight back to London

5-2And so at last we come to the final stop on our journey, and where could be more appropriate than the flight back to London? Here we find ourselves on board BA flight 0967 from Hamburg airport, already delayed by two hours due to high October winds in England, and delayed once more on the runway as our plane loses its slot, as you can hear from the recording. It was as if Hamburg didn’t want me to leave, and wanted to claim me as one of its own.

Amber-Zoe Cheesman of Falmouth in the UK takes on our final sound, and plays on our fears of plane crashes and gremlins in the air:
“This ‘remix’ of the flight announcement and safety demo is an exploration of malfunctioning technology, and the nightmarish feeling it can bring out in a system which is so implicitly trusted by everyone day-to-day. If everything on your flight malfunctioned at once, shattering the illusion of control, how would you react?”

City version:


Memory version: