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2.00am – Wie es singt und lacht in St. Pauli

32-2From the Alster, we head back to our home base of St. Pauli, and the legendary Reeperbahn area, verging between a grimly-seedy region of sex shops and clubs and a lively area for (primarily, it seems) students and tourists to party. It’s a weekday tonight so not as bustling as the weekend, but there’s still plenty going on across the district, so it’s where we spend the rest of the night before our early morning start to see the rest of the city. Here we’re inside our local bar, the Silbersack, which is an excellent and welcoming little locals’ bar, in which we get talking to several Hamburg natives. There are dozens of football scarves all over the bar, the jukebox is full of German favourites, there’s smoke everywhere and it’s a lively place, as you can hear from the table singing along to their jukebox choices.

Over to Martin Kristopher AKA 3dtorus, a Hamburg native who took this approach:
“A recording from the Silbersack bar twisted and tweaked, filtered and phased, backing a dirty techno track. This is how I remember the Reebperbahn in famous St. Pauli from my youth when i used to go out a lot, also in Hamburg.”

City version:


Memory version: