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How they make prosecco in outer space

prosecco-method-800x400A trip to Italy today, and the Valdobbiadene region of northern Italy – the home of prosecco. I was fortunate enough to visit a prosecco winery belonging to some friends, and after sampling the produce (highly recommended – check it out here!) I explored the acoustics of the huge, empty metal wine tanks. With my recorder right inside the tank, I rhythmically struck the outside of the tank, capturing the beautiful metallic reverb from inside. A field recording, but one I had to create myself in order to make the noise happen – certainly a found sound, at any rate.

For the remix, I’ve mapped layers of effects timed with the metal hits, and graduated the real sound across to the imagined sounds, so that by the end this clip sounds like how they might go about making prosecco if they set up a winery somewhere in the voids of space. Or something like that, anyway.

City version:


Memory version: