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Quiet Street launches today!

Quiet Street shareableWe’re very happy to launch our latest project, Quiet Street, today: it’s a simultaneous online and real-world sound installation exploring and reimagining the sounds of the city of Bath, England.

Nineteen sound artists took part, each reimagining a sound taken from the city of Bath for a simultaneous soundscape that is time-synced and broadcast on two sides of the exhibition space – one side broadcasts the documentary field recording, the other broadcasts a reimagined version of that sound. The listener can create their own mix and their own version of this sonic world by their physical proximity to either side of the installation.

Since the pieces are all time-synced, an extra creative challenge for the artists was to make the reimagined version of the sound exactly the same length as the field recording.

You can visit the physical installation if you’re around the Bath area – it’s housed at 8/9 New Bond Street Place, Bath from 22 May until 7 June.

You can explore a sound map of Bath and hear all of the reimagined sounds of the city now at