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Tsukiji fish market, Tokyo

Tsukiji_fish_market_18Tokyo, Japan – the bustling chaos of a tuna auction at Tsukiji fish market, sent to us by Christina Wong. By return, we sent her the Oblique Strategy cards Do we need holes? and Move towards the unimportant. Here she explains her reimagined sound:

“I was assigned these cards: do we need holes? and move towards the unimportant. Initially, I wasn’t quite sure how to interpret these two directions.”

“I kept listening to the recording every chance I got, and particularly before I went to bed, hoping it would inspire something in my dreams.”

“When I was still a bit stuck, I decided to tackle “move towards the unimportant” first, by trying to hone in on the words/sounds that I felt could be elevated/emphasised.”

“From there, I explored “do we need holes?” After speaking to a friend about my creative block, he suggested that a hole could mean smaller to bigger, or vice versa.”

“That was brilliant because it made me think of echoes, of the doppler effect, and how music can be made to sound like you’re falling down a hole. So that’s how I tackled that card.”

“The tuna auction itself is melodic to begin with so I didn’t want to detract too much from that. The two cards inspired me, then, to create a remix that perhaps is reminiscent of, in the loosest sense, an a cappella piece.”

City version:

Memory version: