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The Alcazar’s birds of paradise

One of the most stunning places in Seville is the Alcazar Palace, with its majestic gardens covering many acres.20150517_135658

Throughout the gardens, the main thing you’ll hear is birdsong from many different species, singing from the trees. Some birds have even managed to nest in the ceilings and rafters of some parts of the palace.

In fact, towards the exit of the Alcazar, you can clearly see several families of birds nesting in the ceiling of a long colonnade, the chicks demanding food incessantly, their chirps and tweets echoing along the reverby space.

Regular Cities and Memory remixer Tim Waterfield (AKA Karhide) has taken this sound on, blending it with six layers of synths to produce a brand new piece of music from the birds of Seville.

City version:


Memory version: