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Inside Union Station, Toronto

Union Station, Toronto
Union Station, Toronto

Toronto, Canada: Today we’re visiting Union Station, Toronto, courtesy of local field recordist Rob Bertola – with the sound of travellers rushing to make their train and echoing announcements, you can really hear the reverberant interior of the great hall.

Regular Cities and Memory contributor Andy Lyon took this sound on, creating an urgent, buzzing electronica piece that captures some of the hectic surroundings of any major transport hub, whether it’s a train station, airport or bus station.

He writes of his piece, called the ‘Always A Rush remix’:

“I used Cataract to create a loop from the sample, I also created one in Polygon as a sound effect. I used a very simple kick drum pattern complemented by the Cataract loop and also a rhythmic loop which fitted really well.

“I’ve also added a bassline and used a number of delays on parts of the recording for the ambient-ish bit in the middle.”

City version:


Memory version: