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World Listening Day: Croatia blowhole

Blowhole in Croatia for World Listening Day.
Blowhole in Croatia for World Listening Day.

An excellent field recording sent to us for World Listening Day by Tim Shaw captures the sound of a water blowhole in Croatia, rhythmically expelling large volumes of water as it spits and belches away.

This was the sound we picked out to reimagine ourselves, approaching it from the perspective of the rhythmic, almost mechanical spacing of the water pulses, and wanting to give each one its own character.

Primarily, the effect is achieved by applying different impulse responses to each pulse of the sound, including impulse responses from marimba keyboards, analogue synths and bowed metal.

Towards the end of the sound, there’s a heavily-effected instance of a toy piano, which creates a second, more intense and artificial pulsing to act as a counterpoint to the natural pulsing flow of the water.

City version:


Memory version: